are you looking for an easy and profitable fundraiser?  coffee, yes coffee is the answer.  we take the guilt out of fundraising.  people are already buying coffee so you're not asking them to buy something they don't already use.  

it's simple and it's fun!  

we offer two different fundraising options for your organization:

1. traditional fundraising - manual sign-up sheets, product descriptions, set timeframe and group delivery.  

2. online fundraising with supporters making online purchases.  coffee delivered directly to consumer.  100% hands-off for your organization. 

we co-brand the bags with your logo so supporters have a reminder of who they are supporting!  

the fundraisers run online all year long and become a year-round revenue generator for your non-profit.  it's a great hands-off model for your organization to continue raising money throughout the year.  

our team of fundraising coordinators will help you through every step of the process.  you can be up and running same-day!  

contact us at for additional information.