common ground coffee co. is the result of several serendipitous moments.  those moments, along with a passion for coffee and the desire to help others, have given rise to a brand new way of thinking about coffee. 

people drink coffee.  people have a built-in budget for coffee.  why not spend the same amount already being spent and support a non-profit organization at the same time?  profit margins on premium coffee are outrageous.  cgc has found a way to transfer a portion of those profits to the organization of your choice! 

we truly believe in bringing you the absolute best coffee at under-market prices.  common ground coffee co. is a small family business with a mission of bringing you unmatched service coupled with unbelievable coffee.   

our subscription-based fundraising model becomes a year-round revenue stream for the non-profit.           

contact cgc for additional information on our fundraising options and how to raise money for your organization.