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I got this text message from my 9-year old son's teacher:

I have to tell you a funny story- we are learning figurative language this week and yesterday we were talking about hyperbole which is extreme exaggeration and I showed them a video clip from the movie Elf when Will Ferrell sees a sign that says "World's Best Coffee" and walks into the coffee shop and "congratulates" them- even though the coffee tastes gross- I was explaining how they are just to get you to buy it by saying "world's best coffee" - Tyson pipes right up and says it's not the world's best because it's not my dad's!!! I replied- "you got that right" as I was drinking Jamaican me crazy!

Mrs. T and Tyson S.

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in a world trying to divide us, find common ground with others.  find that common ground with amazing coffee.