Coffee and a Cause is born

Coffee and a Cause....more than a hashtag. 

I never planned on building a specialty-grade coffee business.  I never planned on helping so many non-profits raise money for their respective organizations.  I never planned on digging so deep into the coffee industry analytics that I lose sleep over identifying inefficiencies.  Yet, here we are.  

This has been an amazing journey.  Common Ground Coffee Co. was created for one reason.  Our goal was to provide a new fundraising option for non-profits to stay afloat during COVID.  The uncertainty of COVID made it an extremely difficult time for non-profit organizations.

Admittedly, I am an absolute sucker for kids and fundraisers.  If a kid comes to my door, I'm buying whatever they are selling.  A young man came to our house and was selling frozen pizzas for his Boy Scout Troop.  Like you, the last thing I needed was a frozen pizza but I bought two anyway!  And then it clicked...why aren't non-profits selling items that we already buy in our daily lives???  Items that we have already budgeted for.  Items that we regularly use again and again throughout the year.  COFFEE.  

It quickly came to my attention that the profit margins built into the big brand commercial coffee on the shelves is outrageous.  Coffee companies are making an awful lot of money off of your daily morning routine.  That begs the question, "Why can't that money support a local non-profit?"  Now it can.  Every bag of CGC coffee sold generates $ toward a non-profit.  You get specialty-grade coffee.  A non-profit gets much needed money for their cause.  Common Ground Coffee Co. gets the satisfaction of helping others while changing the way people think about fundraisers.  

To this point, we have partnered with hundreds of non-profit organizations including schools, churches, teams, clubs, and individuals.  We make the process easy, fun and profitable.  

We love talking coffee.  We love talking fundraising.